During 2020 I have set myself the goal of trying to monetise my blog and website. This means that I will be linking to products that I am reviewing or recommending and if you should make a purchase I will receive a few pence (this varies according to the price of the product). It doesn't make any different to you as the reader - the link is the same and the price is the same, but the link  allows the company to identify that the click through came from me. 

I hope to raise the cost of running my website and blog - usually about £200 per year. In the first 10 days of Jan 2020 I raised 0.51p so I'm not holding my breath. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will increase, so that I can share lots of free patterns with you. 

I won't be over populating my site with pop-up ads, as I find them quite annoying, so I'm testing out this affiliate linking method to see how it goes. Please be assured that I will only ever link to products that I usually link to and that I won't link to anything that I don't use or haven't tried myself. So you can be sure that you are looking at reputable products and companies. 

I'm required by law to be open and honest about my affiliate links, so I've listed all my affiliates below. In my posts I will highlight these links.

My affiliates are:
LSW Mindful Cards
The Ticket Factory
Exantediet UK 
Etsy UK (pending)
Graze (pending)
The Book Depository (pending)
The Knitting Network (pending)

Thanks for your continued support.
Lynne xx

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