Thursday, 14 October 2021

Blogtober Day 14 Celebrations and Super Fast Pumpkins

It's day 13 14 of blogtober and at lunchtime I caught up with the other blogtober bloggers (and friends) whose blogs I love to read: Christine over at

and Lucy over at

Workwise, I'm on catch up this week as well as trying to organise lots of birthday and anniversary family celebrations as we have a flurry of activity in October and November. 

We missed mum's 80th last year due to COVID but this year it's mum and dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary which is fantastic and definitely cause for celebrations. The cake is ordered and a meal is booked, so we're getting there. 

It's hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that we celebrated their 50th wedding. Sadly, there are lots of relatives no longer here, and our little ones have shot up in the meantime. My little nephew and son are all grown up now and have left school. My son is in his third year of work which is crazy!! Time flies.

In other news, in the few moments that I can find, in between work and home life, I've managed to make a start on pumpkins for mum's local Sale of Work. As a child I would love this Sale of Work. There were so many stalls and fun things to buy and to take part in and every year I would buy homemade toys and cakes and enjoy the various raffles and tombolas. It was always held in St. James's school which was a huge part of my life as I went there for brownies and guides, pantomime practice, Sunday School and all sorts of fun events like barn dances and beetle drive nights. I remember that I use to be petrified of putting the chair away in the lock up room as it seemed so spooky - as did the toilets. No doubt my over-active imagination getting to work and imagining ghosts and ghouls and all the scary things.

Nowadays the Sale of Work is a much smaller affair but I'm still looking forward to going in a few weeks. I've already passed on a few bags of yarn to the various knitters who knit the cutest toys and I've started to make few pumpkins for their stall, as it will take place before Halloween. I'm thinking of putting a pumpkin and a wheel of pins into a bag to make a pincushion - this will be a great use for my left-over stock of pins.

Now, I have also managed to also make quite a few slightly different pumpkins but there is a difference with them.

They're not handknitted and they're not crocheted. I can make one in about 5 minutes, followed by around 10 minutes of making up, which is quite a miracle. If I'd attempted to knit or crochet these I would probably have only made one by now. Whereas I currently have 8 from just a couple of hours work.

I'll leave you guessing as to how I've made them, but I can see it's a great way to munch through my yarn stash, which is exciting. 

I'll tell you soon how I made them, but I can assure you that it's great fun.

See you tomorrow,

Lynne x

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  1. Magic pumpkins! They look fantastic, I do love your Autumn photos. Lovely to see you back again, I've missed your posts! xx