Friday, 1 October 2021

Blogtober 2021 - What's it all about?

First of all, I haven't blogged in what seems like forever, and indeed, when I checked, it's almost a year which I can't quite believe.

So I thought a good plan of action would be to join 'Blogtober' along with many other fellow bloggers all around the world.

It may seem a crazy challenge when I have so much going on but I do like a challenge and every post doesn't have to be epic - I may just keep some of them short and sweet.

They will all be yarn related in some way, and will include photos from my archive to save me some rather than taking lots of new photos (which is pretty time consuming). Hopefully that will help me 'stay in the game'.

About Blogtober

During the month of October, for 31 days, bloggers from all around the world will blog every day. You can blog about whatever you choose and it's a great way to connect and find new bloggers to follow, as well as potentially increasing your blog traffic. 

You can use the following hashtag:


on social media to see what others are blogging about.

I'm hoping to enjoy the process and share some things to help inspire you and help you with your knitting and crochet techniques. I may throw in some more technical posts for tech editors and designers too.

But above all I hope to enjoy it and I hope you'll enjoy reading my posts.

If you are stuck for ideas, here is my provisional list (as I just threw it together in a matter of minutes - it could very well change):

Day 1: Blogtober - joining in
Day 2: 
What I do when I'm not working
Day 3: What I'm working on
Day 4: Monday Vibes
Day 5: Tips on where to find inspiration
Day 6: Oldest WIP
Day 7: How I plan my day
Day 8: Book Review (Mosaic Crochet Workshop)
Day 9: The importance of knit/crochet tension
Day 10: Free Pumpkin Pattern 
Day 11: Out and about in Congleton
Day 12: Tips on writing a product review
Day 13: Knitting socks with flexible trios
Day 14: Celebrations 
Day 15: 
Choosing colours to work with
Day 16: Finding your niche
Day 17: Flashing my stash
Day 18: Christmas gift guide for knitters
Day 19: Book Review
Day 20: Giveaway - advent calendar
Day 21: Ways to be more eco-friendly with your knitting/crochet
Day 22: Stash busting
Day 23: Free pattern - crochet scrubbies
Day 24: Christmas gift guide for crocheters
Day 25: What's on my needles/hook
Day 26: Where I live 
Day 27: A book from my book shelf
Day 28: Stash busting
Day 29: Mindfulness
Day 30: Free pattern - crochet star blanket
Day 31: Halloween round up

I may change the order along the way, but you're free to use these too as inspiration for your content, if you're struggling for ideas.

I'm really looking forward to reading your blog posts so do let me know if you're thinking of joining in too.

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Website: you can subscribe to my website for updates here: (when you click the link a pop up box will open for you to subscribe).

See you tomorrow and thanks for your support

Lynne x


  1. H Lynne,
    yay, another lovely Blogtober blog to read, I felt a bit lonely last year! Hope you enjoy the daily challenge, i'm looking forward to popping in to visit you here each day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Lucy - I'm off to read your blog too - it's always such a lovely read. I'm so glad I'm joining in and getting back into blogging. See you tomorrow xxx

  2. Wow, you're far more organised than I am - I don't have a list of what to write about at all and I am very impressed! I'm also really interested to read all your posts now so I will definitely be coming back every day to see what you've posted :) xx