Monday, 11 October 2021

Blogtober 2021 - oops I fell off the blotober bandwagon - Day 11


Well I didn't think it would take me such a short time to fall off the daily blogging bandwagon, but there you have it!! Sometimes life (or work) throws a little curve-ball and all you can do is concentrate on the critical things and try to get back on track.

So here we are with a new week and it's such a lovely day here in Congleton, and it's a smallish town situated in Cheshire. We've lived here for almost 20 years now and this year we had a true 'staycation'. 

So instead of a holiday, we took time off work and visited our local surroundings, including a long walk around our town, which is only a short walk away.

I thought I would share my photos with you but I'm embarrassed to say that despite regular visits to town, I hadn't seen some of our local points of interest before. We have some amazing buildings that are hundreds of years old, and also some brand new statues which honour those lost in war, all of which were a joy to see and to take in. 

I love living here and I hope you enjoy my photos too. 

We have a craft shop although I confess I've only been once as it's more a general craft shop than a yarn shop, but it could be handy for those knit/crochet essentials that we often need from time to time, like sewing needles and buttons or zips.

We have a beautiful bowling green that I’ve never seen before. I used to sometimes play bowls with my mum when she was part of a ladies bowling club - perhaps I should rekindle my skills at some point and venture onto the green.

The town centre is situated along one main street, with useful shops as well as really nice cafe's and bars to rest your feet for a short while and enjoy a coffee or tea with a homemade slice of cake (all with gluten-free and vegan options too which is fab).

Just off the town centre is my favourite street because I love the colourful town houses. The remind me of a dolls house my daughter once had.

Our town hall has a fab information centre where you can also book tickets for local events.

Lest we forget our soldiers and animals lost in battle.

This charming house dates back to 1671 - which is amazing. I'd love to go inside and have a nosey!!

The main part of this quaint pub was built in 1834 and I love it's slightly tilting front. 

Our local park is always full of families with picnics and we've spent many an afternoon here on the swings with the children over the years.

The pavilion is a great place to eat when it's open.

I love these houses that overlook the park. I'm sure they were considered very posh back in the day with their beautiful view!!

And finally, the sun setting over the mere which is at the bottom of the road and perfect for an evening stroll or jog as there is a pathway all around it.

Our long day out made us really appreciate the wonderful things we have on our doorstep. 

I'd love to hear if you found new places to visit recently and if you ever pass through Congleton, there's always plenty to see and do if you have time for a short stop-off.

Have a fab week,

Lynne xx

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