Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Is it February already??

Hello dear reader and welcome to The Woolnest. I can't quite believe that we're already into the second month. It's flying by already!!

I've started off the year by announcing my intention to finish off all my Works In Progress (WIPS). Gosh I have so many; honestly - they're everywhere. Each time I open a cupboard or a bag I come across a little something that I started with great gusto and then the enthusiasm must have trailed off along the way. I wonder why this happens? Does it happen to you too? Take this pretty piece of crochet for instance - I started it almost two years ago and I don't even know what it's to become? A scarf? a bag? who knows? I can't even frog it because I've woven in the ends (very securely too)!!

But instead of letting my WIPS get the better of me, I want to celebrate all things wonderful and woolly in 2020 and appreciate my crafting skills and the joys they bring. But sometimes I feel weighed down with my stash and with all the WIPs that are lying around (I have found about 20 so far and still counting!!!). But I know I can change this and turn my stash and my WIPS into a well-organised and positive curation of gorgeous things.

So I'll be working on this during 2020 and you are all most welcome to join me. I'd love to hear about your stash and your WIPS.

One of the things you can join in with is:

Find it - Finish it - or Frog it

I've created the #fffalong2020 so that I can find those WIPS and either finish them, or frog them and use the yarn for something else. I would like to be more resource efficient with my yarn, so I'll be using what I have this year and not buying more. I did this last year and only bought a few of my favourite skeins and balls of yarn (mainly to support my friends - so I think I can forgive myself for these little purchases). But this year, the only new yarn that will enter this house will be work yarn for my commissioned designs and books. I'll let you know if I (accidentally) stray from my intentions.

If you feel in the same situation as me, then you can join in with my #fffalong2020 on social media and I will share your progress too. Just tag me @the_woolnest on instagram and @thewoolnest on facebook and twitter and use the hastag #fffalong2020, then we can record how many things we managed to complete. I'm feeling positive already!!
Each month, for my #fffalong2020, I will work on one or two WIPS to finish them. For January, it was a pair of socks for my daughter (an unfinished Christmas present), a work WIP that has been going on for way too long (thank goodness its finished now) and my Winter Haven socks that I'm also using a WIP for. If I just concentrate on finishing two or three WIPS I think I have a chance of winning.

I loved knitting with this 'Uneek' sock yarn from urth yarns. They plant a tree for every pair of socks knitted (

I also frogged 4 projects: 2 corner to corner scarves, a pair of toe-up socks and a one single toe-up socks. I really prefer to knit from the cuff down so have no desire to finish these, hence the frogging.

Here's the progress on my Winter Haven KAL socks. This is knitalong by Christine Perry ( and Christine has written a series of fabulous blog post all about looking after ourselves and keeping ourselves cosy during these colder months. I have my little haven all set up, along with my essentials - my chair in the lounge by the fire, cosy chunky blanket, squishy cushions, a lovely candle that smells divine, my sock project, a few nibbles and a yummy hot chocolate. 

With this in mind, I've chosen POSITIVITY and my word for 2020. I'm aiming to stay as positive as possible, and have a few things in mind that I know will help me. I thought that if I share them with you too, then I can spread the positive vibes.

So that's my January round-up. I'm keen to share some free patterns this year, so keep watching and I'll get them out asap.

Until next time …….

Lynne xx

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