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My top 5 tips for enjoying your crafting

In my latest podcast episode I share my top 5 tips on how to make the most of the time you have for crafting. I've seen quite a few posts from designers and bloggers who have shared that they've either fallen out of love with social media, or have lost their knitting or crochet mojo, so my tips may help if you're in a similar situation.

You can either read my blog post or listen to my audio podcast. I'd love to hear from you if you have any tips of your own to share.

1. Time
I’m a firm believer that our time is precious, and we need to make the most of the time we have. The amount of time that you have available for crafting  will always depend on your commitments in life – we’re all different and we all have different lives.
But we do have one thing in common and that’s our desire to craft. So as a starting point, you could look at your weekly life schedule and try to identify within each day if you can, how many hours you may be able to find for crafting. It may be half an hour, it may be an hour, or even more. Make a note of the daily time you have and then multiply this up by 7. So 1 hour per day = 7 hours per week, which is quite a lot of crafting time – it’s not far off a full working day, so quite a lot can be achieved in just 7 hours.
You could perhaps knit or crochet a sock – a hat – a baby item – a small toy – lots of individual motifs – the sleeve of a jumper – part of a shawl. And if you then consider that in 2 weeks you could have a complete pair of socks - a complete pair of mittens – a complete shawl - a baby set - a larger toy - then that’s quite an achievement. 

Even better is the thought that you still have 2 more weeks of the month left to make more lovely things. I think this is a really positive approach to accepting the time you have, especially if it’s quite limited.

2. Favourites

The second way to enjoy your crafting is to make sure that you always have a project on the go that uses your favourite yarn or colours. Recently, at a Trade Show in Birmingham, I feel in love with Dee Hardwicke's new designs, using Rowan Felted Tweed - it's so tactile and rustic and her designs are quite stunning, stylish and timeless. 

Most of us have lots of WIPs on the go at once (some more than others – say no more!!!) so if you’ve had  a bad day at work or are feeling stressed by the amount of stuff that needs doing – washing, cleaning, taking the kids here and there, shopping – it’s never ending isn’t it!!!!
Then what better way to end the day than to pick up your favourite yarn in your favourite colour and knit or crochet with it. It will immediately make you feel happier and the texture of your favourite yarn will make you feel comforted.
Your favourite colour will soothe your soul and hopefully reduce your stress levels. If you can find a quiet space to practice your mindful knitting or crochet too, then even better – it will really make a difference to your state of mind.
If you’re not entirely sure what your favourite colour is, then try wrapping different shades of the same colour around a cardboard gift tag and this will help you to decide which colours you feel drawn to.
You could carry around your favourite colours in your bag and if you happen to visit your local yarn shop, then you will know which colours you should buy for your next project. 

3. Being social
The third way to enjoy your crafting is to craft with others. Knitting and crochet can be somewhat solitary hobbies because you immerse yourself in your project, you need to concentrate or you may want to practise mindful knitting or crochet.
So a great way to socialise and craft too, is to go along to a local knit or crochet group where other people have the same interests.
You can make new friends and chat about what you’re making, be inspired by other people’s project, choice of colours and stitch patterns.

4. Crafting for Charity
If you're part of a knit group, you could also work on a joint project that will benefit others, such as a crafting for a local charity, or having a yarn sale to raise funds, or selling things you make to raise funds for charity. You’ll find that you’ll really look forward to meeting up and crafting together with a purpose.
I'm about to start working with some friends on a charity project called " A Kilometer of Cats and Kittens” which asks for knitted or crocheted Cats and Kittens that will be sold to raise money for Alzheimer's research,  so we’ll be able to use up our stash, knit and crochet together and help raise money for charity, so it’s good all round.

5. Being Organised
This really helps me to enjoy my crafting. If I know what I have and where to find it then I'll save a lot of time when starting a new project and also have a clear idea of what I'm planning to make. As part of my 'Use it or Lose it 2018' campaign, I've been working through my stash and clearing things out that I no longer want.

As a result, I've bagged up quite a few projects so they're ready and waiting for when the time is right to make a start on something new. It also means that I don't accidentally buy something that I already have hidden away at the depths of my stash and that I don't feel as though I'm wasting money buying things I don't really need. 

I do hope that you've found my tips useful. If you have any great tips on how to enjoy your craft, then I'd love to hear all about them - just leave a comment below or find me on social media. 

How is your #useitorloseit2018 going? Are you getting more sorted? Is your craft room more spacious yet? I have a long way to go, but we have all year, so I'm taking it steady.
If you want to join in, you can join my Ravelry group and/or use the following hashtag on twitter #useitorloseit2018 - you're all welcome. I'm really look forward to getting to know you and to seeing your makes.

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Happy Crafting, Lynne x
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  1. Oh I loved this podcast, just sitting with a cup of tea and some knitting whilst listening to your soothing voice. I completely agree about spending less time on instagram, I definitely have curbed my time wasted on there and feel much happier about it too. Have fun at Edinburgh, can't wait to hear what you think about it. Sending love, Emma x