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Book Review - Knitted Animal Cozies by Fiona Goble (CICO Books)

Some time ago (I confess it was a few weeks), CICO sent me a few lovely books to review, one of which is "Knitted Animal Cozies" by designer Fiona Goble. It's been patiently waiting up in The Woolnest for me to put some time aside, have a good look through and tell you all what I think about it.
Please note: The book itself was provided by CICO books. This review contains my own thoughts and words and I haven't been asked to write anything specific.
I do love Fiona Goble's designs, and own a few books of hers already, including "Scarves and Cowls" and "Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts and Socks" which I reviewed here. I've donated that particular review book to Alison at Woolgathering, Sandbach (which is the knit group I go to) as she fell in love with it too, and has a few grandchildren that she loves to knit for. I've been really chuffed to see the cute little scarves and mittens that she's made. Applying my "use it or lose it" ethos has really paid off, so instead of being stuck upstairs in The Woolnest, the book is being put to great use and enjoyment.
In her latest book "Knitted Animal Cozies", Fiona has transformed our favourite cute creatures into useful woollen cozies, designed to brighten up your home or workspace. They're also great to give as gifts and some are really quirky and fun - destined to bring a smile to even the most serious of faces.
There are 35 woolly cozies to keep your special gadgets safe and warm, including moose and puffin egg cozies, a sleepy fox hot water bottle cover, a charming baby owl tea cozy, and a woolly sheep that wraps herself around a cafetiere to keep your coffee hot. An octopus apple cozy protects your apples and prevents bruising and there's even a baby papoose with a bear cub hat, a panda mug hug and a meerkat e-reader cover to name but a few.

The cozy creatures are divided into four chapters - In the Kitchen, At Home, In Your Bag and On Your Desk, so there really is something for everyone, from old to young. I'm pretty sure they'll warm the heart of the most sceptical of knitting recipients.
Best of all - the patterns are really easy to follow and there is a full techniques section at the back of the book which includes everything you need to know to knit your own cozies.

So get out your needles, raid your stash and get knitting your Christmas gifts - you know you can't resist a bit of fun knitting, and before you know it you'll have knitted a cute and cozy zoo.

Link to Amazon: Knitted Animal Cozies
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