Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mrs Moon SIMPLE CHIC KNITS Book Review

I'm an absolute fan of Mrs. Moon yarns, and so I was thrilled when Polly at CICO books invited me to review their new knitting book SIMPLE CHIC KNITS.

I've seen some of the projects in the book in person, including the beautiful herringbone throw which adorns the front cover, and have even stroked and coo'd over them at the various yarn events that I've  attended. I can assure you that they look as scrumptious in the book as they do in real life. Mrs. Moon yarn instantly brings to mind big fluffy clouds or plump marshmallows, just waiting to be squished and smooshed.

The title of the book says it all really - Karen and Susan's designs are indeed simple and chic, as well a super stylish and just downright gorgeous. Their book is ideal for all levels of knitting knowledge and there are projects in the book for your home, your family and for yourself, and I'd definitely recommend a bit of selfish knitting with Mrs. Moon's Plump yarn. It's really hard to choose from this wonderful collection, but my favourite projects are The Triple Textured Snood; Geometric Arm Warmers; Fingerless Mittens; Chunky Lace Scarf; Herringbone Throw and last but not least the Chunky jumpers.

Another thing I love about Mrs. Moon yarns are their delicious shades which are all named after their favourite food, including Lemon Curd, Cherry Pie, Fondant Fancy and Clotted Cream. It's really difficult to choose between the colour because they're all lovely. I spent hours recently at Kirstie's Handmade Christmas Fair deliberating over 3 colours. Karen and Susan were extremely patient!!! In the end I chose  Earl Grey, Sugared Almond and Clotted Cream, which means I can knit 2 pairs of Fingerless Mittens - one for me and one to gift (or if I can't bear to part with them it could be 2 for me???). Some of the projects in the book are knitted with other equally gorgeous yarns and I love how the book intro acknowledges that the yarns used are luxurious, and if you can't justify the cost then you can easily substitute yarns as they're all standard gauge.

So, next time you attend a yarn festival - look out for Mrs. Moon and I dare you to try and walk past without squishing their gorgeous yarns, buying their fantastic book or just having a lovely chat with Karen and Susan (or you can read more about them here: Mrs Moon online shop)
Happy Crafting, Lynne xx

Disclaimer: CICO book sent the book to me to review; however, I wasn't asked to write anything specific and all of this post are my own thoughts and words. I always share my review books with my knit groups or give them away as a competition prize.

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