Sunday, 4 October 2015

Book Review - Fiona Goble - Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts and socks

Some time ago (I confess it was quite a while), CICO sent me a lovely book to review by Fiona Goble, called "knitted animal scarves, mitts and socks". It's been patiently waiting up in The Woolnest for me to put some time aside, have a good look through and tell you all what I think about it.
Please note: This review is my own thoughts and words and I haven't been asked to write anything specific.
I admit to having a soft spot for Fiona Goble's work, and own a few books of hers already. I love her Scarves and Cowls book and her knitted characters are always unique and quirky. Her latest book draws me in too, with her cute and colourful scarves, mittens and socks for kids of all ages (and adventurous adults too). 
Fiona has ingeniously transformed all sorts of our favourite creatures into fun, wearable accessories that seem quick to make with simple instructions. Chapters include Country Creatures, Furry Friends, Water Lovers and Wild Animals and creatures range from hedgehogs and koalas, to flamingos, aligators, frogs and penguins - all brought together to create a great knitted menagerie.

My firm favourites are the hedgehog mitts (front cover project), mouse scarf and socks, fox scarf and mittens and last but not least, the seal pup, flamingo and racoon scarves. To be honest, every single project is very cute indeed and your child's favourite animal is bound to be here in one form or another.

There are full making-up instructions to help you finish your projects, and the beautiful, clear photographs make this book a real treasure.
I'll share it around my knit group friends to see what they think and I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'm off to find some yarn in The Woolnest to make someone a very cute hand-knitted Christmas present.

Book Details:
Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks
Fiona Goble

Published by CICO Books

ISBN-10: 1782492526
ISBN-13: 978-1782492528

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