Monday, 31 August 2015


Finally, I’m pleased/relieved to share my latest stash busting project with you.

I’ve called it:


The capital letters are for my own purposes – I keep saying these words over and over to myself but I don’t seem to be taking any notice. So now I’m shouting them to myself and it’s finally working. So if you want to join in, here are the rules - I’m setting rules so that I stick to them. If there are no rules I’ll probably find an excuse to just keep everything that’s in The Woolnest and that would be fruitless and pointless as I really REALLY need to have a MEGA sort-out.

Use It or Lose It: The Rules
Rule 1:
1. Go through my magazine stash.  I literally have hundreds of magazines stacked in piles under the bed; in boxes; in bags. They’re everywhere I turn and are getting me down as they’re heavy to move.

2. Look through each magazine and if I see a project that I would make, then I can remove the pattern and keep it - IF and only IF I have some yarn in my stash that I can use (NO new yarn to be purchased!!!). If I spot a handy technique that would be useful in my classes, or a photograph that inspires me, then I can remove it from the magazine and keep it in a file. The rest of the mag will be recycled. If there’s nothing in the magazine that takes my fancy, then I will give the whole magazine to a friend or charity shop.

Rule 2:
1. Go through my books. As with magazines, I have an ever-growing pile of books that I have bought or that have been sent to me to review on my blog. I have far too many books and barely look at some.

2. Look through each book and if I want to keep it I have to choose at least one project to make, using yarn from my stash – remember - no buying of yarn is allowed. If nothing takes my fancy then I will give the book to a friend or charity shop, or if it’s like new I may sell it.

I’m already having palpitations at the sheer thought of Rules 1 and 2 above!!!!

Rule 3:
1. Go through my stash and identify what yarns I have. I will do this a drawer at a time, otherwise it will be too overwhelming (I really do have lots of yarn!!).

2. Write down the yarn types and quantities and decide what I’m going to do with it. I can use Rules 1 and 2 to help find projects to make. If I really can’t decide what to make with the yarn, then it will go to a friend or to charity, or if it’s new and still in neat balls, then I may sell it. It will probably take me years to use up my stash, so the sooner I make a start, the better.

Rule 4:
1. Go through the various drawers, jars and tins dotted around The Woolnest and identify what’s in them – most likely buttons, ribbon, beads, felted balls and that sort of thing. I need to make sure that I start incorporating them into projects. I’d be reluctant to give these away as they really do come in handy with my commissions and it would be silly to get rid of them, just to buy more when I need them. But I need to make sure I’m using them. If I find anything I just don’t like and would never, ever use, then I will give them to friends or charity.

Rule 5
Find my Work's in Progress (WIPs) and decide whether I'm going to finish each one. I have quite a few dotted around the house so I'll need to round them up. I need to either finish each one or if I don't like it then am I prepared to unravel it or would it make a nice gift if I finish it???? Decisions......decisions..........

So there we have it. The Rules of USE IT OR LOSE IT. If you want to join in, you can use the hashtag on twitter #useitorloseit , and I really look forward to seeing what you make along the way.

Good luck and don't forget to share your makes here on Ravelry - you're all welcome.
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Happy Crafting, Lynne x

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