Monday, 20 October 2014

Book Review - Knitted Woodland Creatures by Susie Johns

What seems like a absolute age ago, I received a delightful knitting book from GMC Publications ( For a while I've been meaning to sit down quietly and review this lovely book, but it was only yesterday that I got the chance when I enjoyed a peaceful, bright and sunny Sunday morning, watching Sunday Brunch and reading "Knitted Woodland Creatures" by Susie Johns.

I love Susie's work as I see her designs featured regularly in various UK knitting and crochet magazines. In fact, when I first started to design, I recall writing to Susie, asking her for a little bit of advice and she very kindly responded with some wise words, for which I was grateful. Susie's website is here if you'd like to read more about her:

This charming book made me smile from the start - just looking at the hedgehog on the front cover made me grin. Then I opened the book and saw the rest of the 15 adorable animals in their full glory in the colourful photo gallery - they're so cute and incredibly life-like. I think my favourites are the squirrels, but the pheasant is amazing too:

The vintage rabbit is super sweet and I love how each animal has it's own personality.

Alongside each set of instructions for each animal, there are interesting facts, so you may learn something you didn't know about each creature. There's also a helpful techniques section which provides instructions on the various knitting techniques required and also how to stitch your toys together. 

Overall, this is a great book if you love knitting toys and I would definitely recommend it.

Please note: although GMC kindly sent me this book to review, they did not ask me to write anything specific, only to include photos and a link to the book on amazon. All of the above opinion is my own.

You can buy the book here on amazon for just £10.49, and you can look inside the book too, which is always a bonus:

I'd love to hear if you've bought this lovely book and if you've made any of the cute creatures from it.

Happy crafting, Lynne x