Monday, 30 June 2014

Catching up

Wow -where has the time gone??? It's weeks since I last blogged which is rather naughty of me. I've had a very busy few weeks, designing, teaching and technical editing, as well as mum duties and housework. My 2 daughters are both embarking on exciting new things, so I've been trying to help/offer advice and just be there when they need a little rant, whilst trying to keep on top of my commissions and book.

My exciting news is that I recently started to run knitting and crochet surgeries and free demos at Abakhan in Hanley and Chester and I'll be running workshops too in Mostyn Wales. So far I've delivered one surgery and one demo. I've met some lovely people who knit and crochet and I've hopefully helped them to complete their projects trouble-free. Details of my demos, workshops and classes can be found here. I'll be teaching: learn to knit, granny squares and joining methods, knitted toys (a mini cat) and fairisle and cable techniques. 

In other news: I have 2 stylish granny square projects featured in Let's Get Crafting this month, which I really enjoyed designing and making as the yarn is so summery and fresh. The headband teaches you the join-as you-go method to make a simple row of granny squares which you could easily adapt for a blanket project. It's perfect for a festival or camping - just pop it on and look glam!! The cute little purse is one of my favourites, as  I love "clicky" purses. There's something so satisfying about snapping a frame purse closed and it brings back lovely memories from my childhood when I had lots of similar little purses made from brightly coloured oil cloth. I love how it's been photographed too, with the matching nail varnish. The purse begins with two of my current favourite stitches - puff stitch and cluster stitch. I've used them a lot lately and I think I'm obsessed with them!!! There are lots of lovely designs in this issue, which you can see here on Ravelry. Images are by Cliqq Photography (©Let's Get Crafting).

I've been working on some fun projects as well as stylish homewares and accessories recently, which I can't share at the moment, but they'll be worth the wait. I've also been working on my book (well I should say catching up with my book as I got a little behind!!).  I'm so pleased with all my little characters and their photo shoot is now booked for September, so I'll be sharing some fab photos soon after.

I did wonder what I'd let myself in for at one point. As I start each character, I wonder how I'm going to make it look super cute whilst keeping the instructions straight-forward and simple and adding my own style. I usually um and arh, unravel and start again a few times, but I get there in the end. My little characters are displayed  up in the wool nest, and each time I go in I look at them and smile. I think they're going to be popular (fingers crossed) and I have lots more amigurumi ideas to share with you once my book is finished.

I have a couple of fun projects too in Woman's Weekly Knitting and Crochet magazine this month. I was delighted to design for them. It's amazing how you can turn a crisp tube, a yoghurt pot and some yarn into something fun and practical too. I made this fab lighthouse doorstop and more crocheted letters spelling "BATH" to add to my previous crocheted and knitted signage - so far I've designed the words BEACH, LOVE, BOO, HOME and BATH. I really should work up the whole alphabet - something for the future I think!! I have a couple more fun projects coming up soon for Woman's Weekly that I'm sure you'll love. I felt honoured that my seaside projects both featured in this "behind the scene article here. Images ©Woman's Weekly.

Both Let's Get Crafting and Woman's Weekly are on the shelves in most newsagents where you'll find the patterns for these designs and much more.

I'd love to see your makes and you can add your projects to my Ravelry page here.

Happy crafting, Lynne xx