Tuesday, 22 April 2014

10 Random Things

A week or so ago, a virtual friend posted a blog post called 10 random things, and invited others to do the same, so I thought I'd obliged with my own random collection which I hope you enjoy........

1. Last weekend we had an additional small person for a few days. We're honoured really as my nephew refuses to sleep over at anyone's house, except ours. He came for 3 nights and he was no trouble at all. He gets on really well with his cousin - my little Ollie - and they had a great time, despite the 4-year age gap. Ollie is 12 and Leo is 8. We went for walks round and about, including the beautiful Astbury Mere, which is just on our doorstep. They they played on the local park, enjoyed games of football on the front garden and played together on various consoles.

2. We had a treat on Easter Monday with a Chinese take-away and a yummy gluten free marble cake made by daughter Izzy. Here gluten free cakes are sooooo delicious. Our oldest daughter came to stay and our family was complete again for just one night, along with my mum-in-law. I love it when all my children are home. The house is really busy and we all enjoyed catching up and chatting.

3. My daughter Kate has recently visited Bergen in Norway to exhibit some of her art work. You can see here photos here. She has some exciting new potential plans for a new business, so fingers crossed she can achieve her dreams.

4. My younger daughter Izzy is worrying rather a lot about what she'll do when she finishes her 3-year professional dance training, which makes me worry too, as I don;t like to see her stressed and upset. She likes to be well organised so she feels quite vulnerable as she has no idea what the future holds. Fingers crossed she'll live her dreams and something amazing will happen for her.

5. Some time ago I enjoyed knitting with the most gorgeous yarn from Finland. I blogged all about it here. The instructions are published in this month's Homemaker mag, and I'm sure you'll agree it looks amazing. The yarn was so beautifully soft and the throw was incredibly warm and cosy.

6. I'm busy working on crochet characters for my second book with Search Press, which is really exciting. However, I have to admit I'm a little behind schedule so I really need to make an effort to catch up, which I intend to do over the next couple of weeks. It's called "Fairytale Crochet" and I'm delighted with my characters so far. I'm rather nervous about this book as there are some amazing amigurumi designers out there so I'm working really hard to make them as adorable as can be. I love amigurumi and this month I have a cute little Whale in Let's Get Crafting magazine.

7. Only 4 more sleeps until Wonderwool, Wales (website here: http://www.wonderwoolwales.co.uk/home.html). I'm off on a coach tip with some other lovely crafty ladies, including a good friend that I used to work with. We'll have a good natter on the coach and a great day mooching around the fantastic exhibitors stalls. If last year is anything to go by, there'll be some amazing talent and work on show. These needle-felted chickens by Jenny Barnett look fab. I can't wait......

8. I've recently designed quite a few fairisle projects. I can't share the finished samples as yet, but here's the inside of my latest cushion design - can you guess what it is (sorry it's on it's side)???

I was really pleased with my fairisle knitting technique. I watched this video which helped me to perfect my stranding and weaving - it took me a few goes to get it right, but it really helped with one of my projects https://www.philosopherswool.com/Pages/Twohandedvideo.htm

9. I'm about to start a new set of knitting and crochet classes at Sandbach School in Cheshire. Starting next week I'll be running a next steps crochet on a Tuesday evening and a next steps knitting on a Thursday evening (more details here http://lynnerowe.weebly.com/workshops.html). I love teaching people to knit and crochet. It's really satisfying to see pupils developing new skills and feeling really pleased with themselves. On my last night of crochet I walked passed this gorgeous blossom tree which smelled as beautiful as it looked.

10. Finally I've made a start on a quick knitting project just for me. I'm hoping to have it finished for Wonderwool on Saturday!!! I's a short triangular neckerchief. My friend always wears the most gorgeous hand-knitted scarves/cowls/shawls. I think she has something in every colour to match any outfit. She keeps asking me if I've made anything with the wool I bought last year. Hopefully I'll be able to say "Yes" on Saturday.

That's my 10 random things - I hope you enjoyed them and I'd love to hear if it's inspired you to do the same. Happy Crafting xx