Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stash Blanket Project - Blanket Number 5 - Candy

Hi and welcome to the Wool Nest. I enjoyed a "sort of" week off last week, hence why this blanket took 2 weeks. I say "sort of " week off as I had a couple of lovely commissions to finish, in between days out over half term. We shopped, ate out, went to the cinema, caught up with friends, met a new little baby, had a good old tidy up, visited family and had visitors ourselves too. Phew!!! and I made my deadlines so all is good. 

I've finally finished blanket number 5 "Candy". I love how it looks, in terms of the squares used in the middle of the blanket, however I struggled to keep this one square and I feel I'll have to block it out as it isn't sitting right. I'm not entirely sure why, but I refuse to frog it as I need to start the next blanket. Fingers crossed that blocking will work.

Here's how I made it:
Step 1: Choose your colours. I decided to use up my free pack which came with issue 50 of Let's Get Crafting magazine (their website is here) . Each month, Let's Get Crafting comes with a pack of yarn in gorgeous shades so that you can make projects from that issue. I hadn't used up this lovely pack, and it seemed perfect for a sunburst granny blanket. I also used approximately 100g of cream yarn and 30-40g of pink and a deep rose colour for the outside edges of the blanket.

Step 2: Choose your granny. I chose the Sunburst Granny Square because I love the texture that puff stitch adds to a flat piece of crochet. I searched the internet and found a great tutorial by Nitybits here - note all of the instructions for the stitches are included at the top of the tutorial.

I made 16 sunburst circles, using my free Let's Get Crafting yarn - they look really pretty.

Step 3: Join your motifs: I decided that I would join the squares as you go. I haven't used this method before and I wondered if it would be quicker or easier than joining individual squares. I decided it was quicker but I'm not 100% what I think. I may have to have another go before I decide if I prefer it to joining individual squares. The link to the join as you go method is in Nittybits tutorial (she uses Attic24's join-as-you-go tutorial here) . Basically, you work around the first circle as if you were making an individual square, then you start to join the squares as you make them. I found it quite straightforward as Lucy's tutorial is well-written.

Step 4: work around the centre grannies. I started to work around the large centre square, starting my first corner with (3ch 2tr 2ch 3tr) then working 3tr into each space and (3tr 2ch 3tr) into each corner. I had to omit the 1ch in between each side treble cluster as my blanket became fluted. I joned every round with a sl st into the 3rd of the first 3 ch and slip stitched across the next 2tr and slip stitched into the corner space. I worked 4 rounds pink/2 rounds cream/  round pale pink/1 round cream/1 round bright pink/2 rounds cream.

Step 5: 
Edge your blanket. I always like to finish my blanket with a defined edge, so I worked a treble border all around the edge in a deep Rose. I worked 1tr into every treble tr into each corner.
So blanket Number 5 is done. I'm a little behind with my schedule, but luckily for me, my mum has come to the rescue and has crocheted up a couple of blankets for me. I'll blog about them once they're edged. You can see all my blankets so far here.

Now, I need to get a move on with the next blanket, so it may be a simple one but lovely too, I hope.  I'd love to hear if I've inspired you to make a small (or large!!) blanket. Happy Crafting, Lynne x

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