Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Stash Blanket Project - Blanket Number 3 - Bryton

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I've had a busy, busy week here at The Wool Nest and I'm surprised that I managed to finish blanket #3 amidst all my commissions. I've called this blanket "Bryton", meaning bright and I know it will be perfect for Knit for Peace.

I pondered over my wool stash and realised that I had quite a large amount of a rather glaring and almost neon orange and an equally bright yellow. Eeek - not my cup of tea at all!!! Where did they even come from???  I wondered how on earth I would use it to make a nice blanket, then I thought "rainbow". So I had a minnie mooch around my stash and found rainbow coloured yarns and Taa-daa - here we have it - a brightly coloured rainbow blanket. I almost frogged it after working the red, orange and yellow as I thought it looked hideous. But knowing I was stuck for time, I crocheted on and started to like it more and more and the darker colours were added. I think I might even make another as that bright orange yarn has barely been touched!!!!

Here's how I made it:

Step 1:
Choose your colours.I chose 7 rainbow colours of double knitting from my stash, most of which is Sirdar/Hayfield Bonus Double Knitting. It's my favourite acrylic yarn to use as it has a nice thickness to it and it washes well. I chose red/orange/yellow/green/blue/violet/purple.

Step 2:
Choose your granny. I chose a basic granny square, just because I was in such a rush with this one. Little Tin Bird has a great tutorial here and there are lots of videos online if you need them. I work 5 rounds in red/4 orange/4 yellow/4 green/4 blue/ 3 violet (note: I ran out of violet - you can do 4 rounds if you wish). I ran out of blue too and had to continue with a slightly different shade, but this actually looked really nice and I might use this as a basis for another blanket - blending shades of the same colour. 

Step 3:
Edge your blanket. I always like to finish my blanket with a defined edge, and for this blanket I chose scalloped edging as demonstrated by Lucy at Attic 24, here. I worked the edge in a final round of purple and it used quite a lot of yarn - approx. 30g.
 The scalloped edge added a pretty finishing touch to Bryton and I hope you agree it's a lovely blanket, despite my initial concerns.
So what are your thoughts? Do you love bright colours, or do you prefer more subtle tones like me?

I hope I've inspired you to make a blanket and I'd love to see your projects. 
Happy Crocheting, Lynne x

I've been asked by the popular magazine Woman's Weekly to host this competition on my blog, which I agreed to. Please feel free to have a go. I won the teddy bear pattern, which is really cute - and I got all the questions right (phew!!). If you prefer to enter the competition from their main website, you can find it here http://www.womansweekly.co.uk/knittingquiz/

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  1. It's beautiful :-) I tend to use jewel tones or neutrals but would love to make something with bright colors. Thanks for sharing.