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Stash Blanket Project - Blanket Number 2 - Amie

Hi and thanks for visiting me here at The Wool Nest. Yet again the weekend has flown by although I enjoyed a nice catch up with my lovely family.

I also found time to make blanket number 2 - meet Amie, which means love. Can you see the cute little hearts inside the granny squares??  I love them and I'm so pleased with how this blanket has turned out - exactly as I'd imagined.

It took a few attempts to get the heart grannies sitting correctly and I tried a few different patterns until I was completely happy. Here's how I made it:

Step 1:
Choose your colours.I chose 4 colours of double knitting from my stash. 2 x 50g balls of Sirdar Snuggly in White (which is super soft and perfect for baby blankets), approx 30g of  Freedom Gorgeous DK in Fuchsia, approx 30g of Sirdar Snuggly in a purple colour and some pink acrylic with wool (sorry can't remember the brand). 

Step 2:
Choose your granny. I wanted to feature little hearts in the centre of my granny and after trying out a few free patterns, I eventually found this one here by Emma Lovepie (what a lovely name). I did tweak it quite a bit, but all instructions are included below if you'd like to try it with my tweaks.

Step 3:
Make your centre squares. I made 9 centre squares - 5 with a purple heart, 2 with a pink heart, 2 with a fuchsia heart. First I make the hearts. I followed all of Emma's instructions for this cute mini heart. Click here for the pattern.
I tied off all of the yarn ends, weaving them into the back of the heart before trimming.

Next, I started to work a traditional granny square around the heart in my main colour, white. Make a slip knot onto your hook with white. Join with a slip stitch to the back loop only of the 4th stitch, counting from the centre of the 2 humps:

Make (3ch 2tr 2ch 3tr) all into the back loop only of the same stitch (1 corner made). Note, the first 3ch count as 1tr (for US crochet terms replace tr with dc)
Next, make 1ch then miss the next 4 sts and work (3tr 2ch 3tr) into the back loop only of the next st (second corner made):
Next, make 1ch then miss the next 3 sts and work (3tr 2ch 3tr) into the back loop only of the next st (third corner made):
Next, make 1ch then miss the next 4 sts and work (3tr 2ch 3tr) into the back loop only of the next st (fourth corner made). Slip stitch into the 3rd of the first 3 ch made at the beginning of the round:
The first round is complete, however, your hook isn't in the correct place to start round 2, so you need to work a sl st into each of the next 2 treble then work a sl st into the corner space:
Your hook is now in the correct place to start round 2.

Continue to work a basic granny square starting with (3ch 2tr 2ch 3tr) into the first corner on every round, *1ch, 3tr, into the spaces between the corners and (3tr 2ch 3tr) into every corner. Join every round with a sl st into the 3rd of the first 3ch then sl st into the next 2 tr and sl st into the corner space, ready to start the next round. Fasten off after 4 rounds.

Step 4:
Join the grannies: I stitched my 9 small squares together to make 1 larger square for the centre, using a slip stitch join on the wrong side, following Lucy's tutorial here.

Step 5:
Working around the centre  grannies. Next, I started to work around the large centre square, starting my first corner with (3ch 2tr 2ch 3tr) then working 1ch, 3tr into each space and (3tr 2ch 3tr) into each corner. Join every round with a sl st into the 3rd of the first 3 ch and slip stitch across the next 2tr and slip stitch into the corner space (exactly as you did when working around the hearts). I worked 2 rounds white/3 rounds pink/1 roundwhite/3 rounds fuchsia/1 round white/1 round purple/1 round white.
Note: After joining the 9 squares, along the outer edge, there is one corner space on either side of the join line (from the individual squares). For beest results, work 3tr into the join line and (missing the spaces on either side). This keeps your blanket nice and square.

Step 5: 
Edge your blanket. I always like to finish my blanket with a defined edge, so I worked a treble border all around the edge in Purple. I worked 1tr into every treble and also 1tr into every 1ch. Into corners I worked 5tr.

And there we have it - approximately 9-10 hours of crochet and again the result is rather lovely (I hope you agree).

So blanket Number 2 is done. You can see blanket number 1 here and all my blankets so far here

Now, I need to get a move on with the next 2 blankets, so they may be simple granny stripes, but they will still be lovely I hope.  Happy Crafting, Lynne x

I've been asked by the popular Woman's Weekly Magazine to host this competition on my blog. If you answer the questions correctly you can win a free pattern - I won the teddy bear but I rather fancy the cat. If you prefer to enter the competition from their main website, you can find it here xx 

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