Saturday, 11 January 2014

Essential Tools - Notebook, pens and pencils

Hello, and welcome to The Wool Nest. My cosy corner is back to normal and we're all back in our little routines. The days are flying by already and I can't believe it's the 11th. Jan!! I love, love, love my Orla Kiely toolbox from Santa. It's now my work in progress box (or one of them!!!).

In my last post I talked about being more organised and I thought I'd share something with you - my trusted notebook. In my previous life (when I had a 'proper' job) I always had a notebook. It was absolutely essential for taking notes at those all-important meetings that I often had. For many years, I was a waste strategist (basically I planned and implemented schemes that would help the North West deal with its' waste in a more sustainable way). So my meetings were always with high level people and notes were essential, just to make sure that I didn't forget anything.

Well I'm now applying the same principals to my own little business. Notebooks are essential!!! I read with a wry smile Rachel's post here on her note making resolutions. Indeed - I pondered whether Rachel has somehow slipped into my house and had a mooch around. Those little bits of paper looked rather familiar!! It seems I'm not alone in the realisation that I need ONE notebook for all my scribbles. Now, this is quite hard for me as I'm a perfectionist. I like things neat and tidy, organised and symmetrical. I struggle with randomness, mistakes and crossings out. Therefore I don't really like the thought of scribbly notes in my note pad. But what the heck!!! It's time to change, especially if it means that all my notes will now be in one place - here in my trusted notebook. I've colour-coded things that are critical (in red) and completed (in green). Things that are none urgent are orange. My To-Do list is at the front along with a monthly planner and my individual project notes and ideas are at the back.

I know it's not the most exciting notebook - it's just grey and lined, but it's the content that counts. I did hint for a bright, shiny new notebook but alas Santa didn't hear. Perhaps I'll find one in the sales and I'll save it for next year. I do have a special sketch book for submission sketches, and I'm happy to keep those separate. I've just filled 3 pages of notes from my current project, and I can't believe how useful it's been. Now if I get any questions regarding the designing process I can refer to my notes and not have to rely on my memory (which is failing badly these days!!!)

 So here's the start of my new resolution - I'm sure it will evolve as the year progresses.  How do you stay organised? I'd love to know. Happy crafting, Lynne x

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