Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Milestones - and a free pattern

Life is full of milestones, first day in a job, getting married,  children learning to walk, first days at school, passing exams - all sorts. There's always a milestone waiting to be passed. Over the last few weeks we've passed a few milestones of our own.

Our lovely little boy turned 12. Where have the years gone. I no longer have a 'baby' - he's taller than me. He had a lovely birthday with his friends - most of which I've watched grow up. It's nice to see them developing into nice, polite young men (well - most of the time!!!) and they all had a fabulous time at his laser quest party.
Our daughter Izzy turned 19 - eek - how old?? and she is now the proud owner of a shiny red car. Hubby took the week off during the school holidays to take her out in her new car each day. They spent a good few hours a day driving here and there and we went from tears on day 1 because she couldn't remember anything (it's been a year since she passed her test), to feeling confident and even driving us to various places without a problem. She's gone back to college now and fingers crossed all is well on the driving front and just another thing for me to worry about!!!
Our oldest daughter Kate had her first project published in Homemaker Magazine. It's a DIY tutorial for making a Christmas hamper and it's lovely. You can win the hamper along with lots of lovely goodies here (open until 6 dec 2103). The images below are courtesy of Homemaker Magazine.
I also had some cute little Christmas bags published in the same issue, so it was all the more exciting to see both of our projects published in the same issue. It's a fabulous issue too as it's the Christmas Special so there are tons of inspiring tutorials, projects and interesting articles. You can download my festive gift bag pattern to make your own here. You can use them to give a Christmas Gift, then your recipient can use them throughout the year for accessories, make-up or jewellery. I used a variety of Artesano  and Manos del Uruguay yarns which were gorgeous to work with, especially the blue-faced Leicester DK ( Of course you can use up your yarn stash oddments, especially for the smaller bags.
And finally, three copies of my Fun Hats book arrived in the post. I have to admit that even I gave a little squee. I had already bought a copy as I couldn't wait to see it, but I was still thrilled to receive them. The photography is amazing and all the hats look very cute and lovely. I just hope that the people who buy it feel the same. I'll be giving away a book soon, so watch this space........

In the meantime, I've made a start on Christmas gifts and will be blogging free patterns soon so that you can make something handmade for Christmas and I'll update you on a couple of milestones of my own (one at least I'm trying not to think about too much!!!).

Have you passed any milestones lately? I'd love to hear about them.

Happy Crafting, Lynne xx