Sunday, 22 September 2013

Easy like Sunday Morning (and a gluten free recipe)

Good Morning to you all - I hope you're having a fab weekend now that the sun is back with us. Hubby is out in the garden pruning and chopping and I'm enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning - for once I had a lie in (well deserved if I may say so!!). I've been so busy over the last couple of weeks that yesterday I felt absolutely shattered. It didn't help that for some unknown reason I decided to have a spring clean. But I'm feeling the benefits today as the downstairs of the house is lovely and tidy. Not sure when I'll tackle the upstairs, but it can wait for now!!

I've had a lovely week here at number 10:
  • I finished two nice Christmassy commissions that I really enjoyed although they were both extremely time consuming. I really need to tackle my time management at the moment as simple things seem to be taking me absolutely ages!!! I designed and made 4 Russian style Christmas decorations and also designed a non-knitting project that involved yarn, baubles and lots and lots of gluing and sticking. The good news is that I didn't get any glue on the carpet, the not so good news is that it literally took hours and hours (and hours!!!!). Not cost effective at all!!
  • I bought 3 lovely books from the book people for just £12, which is an absolute bargain as one of the books alone has a recommended price of £16.99. I really wanted the Knit Nordic book, and due to free delivery I splashed out and bought Mollie Makes Feathered Friends and Fiona Gobles Twelve Knits of Christmas (just because it made me smile).
  • Yarn support arrived for my next book. A lovely bag of gorgeous yarns from DMC. I think the cottons and merino yarns will be my choice, but I need to work up a couple of samples just to make sure I can achieve my desired results. I'll have fun trying!!
  • I made the most delicious gluten potato cakes this week with left over mash potato. Want to know how? Well here goes:
Gluten Potato Cakes Recipe
1. You'll need some cold left over cold mash potato (I had about one third of a mixing bowl full), a cup and a half of plain gluten free flour, toppings (butter/cheese/beans/bacon - anything you like!).

2. Slowly mix gluten free plain flour into the mash until it no longer feels wet or sticky - a bit like making dough but not as stiff (I used about 1.5 small cups full). I used a fork to begin with, then my hands.
3. Cut the dough into even-sized chunks and press into round patties.

4. Pop into a hot oven for 40 mins on 180 degrees (turning once after 20 mins). They will feel crispy on the outside but they'll be nice and soft in the middle.
5. Top with a sprinkling of cheese, beans or just butter. Absolutely delicious and almost as good as my mums. I'll be making more of these yummy and satisfying delights when I next make mashed potato.

I hope you've all had a happy, crafting week too and have a great week ahead. I'm off to YARNDALE next Saturday - yippee - and I'm making a list of yarns that I need for Christmas pressies. I can't wait and am super excited!!! Are you going to Yarndale? and what will you be buying??
Happy crafting, Lynne x

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