31 Day Challenge 2017

31st January 2017 - Day 31

So we've reached the end of January and therefore the end of my 31 day challenge to blog every day. I was inspired by Louise Tilbrook on Instagram to join in and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading Louise's blog posts as well as those by other bloggers and writers who have joined in too, especially Jeanette Sloan - who kindly put a list over on her blog - I'd recommend that you take a look and have a read through. Thanks Louise - I feel like I've made a few new friends along the way.

I seem to have talked a lot about pies - please be assured that we don't just eat pies in our house - but I do enjoy making a pie from leftovers, instead of throwing things away. Cooking has become a part of my daily routine, mainly because I can't eat wheat or gluten, so I can throw a great meal together in a very short time - and if the clean plates are anything to go by then I think they're quite tasty too and a lot more healthy than pre-prepared meals :)

I even made myself potato cakes today from a bit of left over mash potato and a small amount of gluten free flower. Topped with cheese and beans, they were really delicious - not quite as nice as the ones my mum makes, but almost.....

I've knitted and crocheted up a storm in January, working my way through almost 1400g of yarn from 100% British wool, alpaca and cotton to merino and acrylic. I've sent off about 8 commissions and tech edited what seems like a gazillion patterns for some amazing bookazines, books and magazines. 

The main thing is that I've made a great start on developing some new products of my own, which is exciting, albeit nerve wracking to produce your own products that are just you, but I hope to do a lot more of this in 2017.

So if you've enjoyed my (almost) daily ramblings, then please feel free to follow my main blog (you can subscribe in the right-hand column) and I promise to blog  a lot more than I have been doing - hopefully 2/3 times a month - with accompanying audio so that you can listen instead whilst you work. I'll be sharing tips, tutorials and free patterns so there's a lot to look forward to.

Thank you so much for reading - I hope my blog posts are a slight distraction, just for a few moments, from the worrying things that are happening around the world.

I hope you can all 'knit, crochet and create' for a few minutes each day - even if it's during your lunch hour or commute to work. Something simple will soothe your soul and help ease stress.

In the meantime, I received some gorgeous post today that I need to read and squish.


30th January 2017 - Days 28, 29 and 30

Oh dear - I've been Awol again, mainly due to deadlines and just needing a break from looking at a computer screen, but I hope you've all had a good weekend. I'm reluctant to switch on the TV at the moment for fear of what may be going on next, but we did watch some TV on Saturday night. I'm not sure it was much of a 'relaxing' viewing though. My mother-in-law came for tea (dinner to some) and I cooked a lovely Shepherd's pie. I tend to cook every night due to my gluten intolerance and over the years I've grown to enjoy cooking far more than I used to.
We watched 'Taboo' which we've all been enjoying over the past few weeks, although it seems to be getting raunchier by the week with Saturday night being no exception. Then we were chatting about the new Trainspotting film and we realised that none of us had ever watched the original. So we found it on Catch-up and settled down for a film night. What a night - I felt like I'd been blasted up the garden with a leaf blower, or hit around the face with a wet kipper. Talk about sex and drugs!!! It was a little too graphic for me in parts and I'm not sure I'll be rushing to the cinema to watch the sequel. Thankfully I had my crochet to soothe me when things got a bit brutal.
So today I'm back  to work, finishing off some tech editing projects and one commission, before getting back to my new design that is all written up but needs a few samples crocheting for photography.
It's my last day of my 31 day blog challenge tomorrow, so I'll be here - same time, same place.
Happy crafting,

25th. January 2017 - Day 25

I finished another tech editing job today and I really enjoyed it. It was for an Amigurumi bookazine and I'll share it with you when I get my review copy - lots of very cute patterns that have been carefully chosen to create a great collection. It's the second Amigurumi bookazine that I've tech edited this year - both involved checking patterns for errors and re-writing in house style and both equally lovely.  Amigurumi are extremely popular amongst crocheters and I was amazed at the love for my Amigurumi fairy tales characters at Yarndale last year.

Each pattern took about 2 hours to complete and all in all there were 26 patterns over the 2 books....... which equals lots of tech editing.Tech editing is slowly becoming my main source of income, and I'm really pleased about that as it leaves my evenings free to focus on my own developments. And guess what - a new design is finally on the hook and at long last I feel like I'm getting on top of things (I'll share a photo tomorrow on Instagram). It's a crocheted shawl and it's my January design. My aim is for one each month. It's looking great and I'm using up some gorgeous yarn from my stash for the testing - a beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Sylvan Tiger for a variegated option and West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply for a solid colour. I have 6 days left to complete my design and 6 days left on my 31 day challenge........

See you all tomorrow,

24th. January 2017 - Day 24

Hello again - hope you've had a good day. I  taught my second "Learn to Crochet" class tonight, of 5 in total. One of my favourite things is teaching others to knit and crochet. It's so rewarding to see people making lovely things in literally just a few hours. We spent 2 hours last week learning the basics of crochet and tonight we applied those techniques and stitches to creating a flower. The ladies were absolutely delighted with their finished brooches and are eagerly looking forward to learning granny squares next week.

These flowers are simple and always look great even if you're just a beginner. You can find my free pattern here: Yarndale Flower

I often make them for friends and use the on gifts instead of the stick-on flowers you can buy which simple get thrown away. If you add a brooch back, the recipient can wear it on their favourite bag, scarf or coat.

I'd love to see your finished flowers and you can add them to the Ravelry page here

I'm already looking forward to next week's class.

See you tomorrow,

23rd January 2017 - Days 21, 22, 23

Hello - I'm back. It would be nice to say I've been away on a little holiday, but that's not the case. I've been working away like a busy bee and just had to prioritise what I needed to do. I had a deadline to meet on Friday/Saturday morning so I was knitting away like a crazy knitting ninja. On Saturday we put the furniture back into my son's newly painted room, which is looking fab. On Sunday morning I took a deep breath and completed my accounts and tax return - all done now so no more email reminders necessary. I had a business meeting on Friday with a business developer and we analysed my business - a bit scary but oh so worthwhile. I'm now developing a plan, ready for my next meeting, and I'm so excited to be bringing things together and much more focussed and streamlined. How exciting - I can't wait to get going. There will be more about it on my main blog soon. I've even started a new design that is for me - not a commission, which is a good start to my self-imposed target of one new design per month.
I hope you had a lovely weekend and see you tomorrow (I promise).

Lynne x

19th January 2017 - Day 19

It was all going so well today - I was happily getting through my long to-do list, and looking forward to Knit Group (Woolgathering in Sandbach, Cheshire), then disaster struck as I noticed a mistake in my jumper sample, and in a moss stitch strip too. So I had to carefully pull out 5 long rows of stitches one by one, for about 50 rows and re-moss stitch each line of stitches correctly using a crochet hook and lots of patient to keep the pattern flowing - oh my poor back. Now it's 9.30pm and I need to finish the rest of the front before bedtime so that I can finish the armhole rib and neck rib tomorrow. Talk about cutting it fine.............

18th. January 2017 - Day 17

Short and sweet tonight I'm afraid, otherwise my husband will think I've left home. I've been recording my second blog chat, which I will post tomorrow once I've tidied it up a little.

I really enjoy recording my little chats and hope you will enjoy them too. It's a great way to communicate as I know that lots of people like to listen to podcasts whilst they work or drive. Fingers crossed I'm interesting enough.

I'll write more tomorrow, and thanks for reading.
Lynne x

17th. January 2017 - Day 17

It's Tuesday and it's raining, which can only mean one thing - I had a crochet class to teach this evening. It rains every Tuesday when I have a class but it didn't dampen our spirits though as I had a new batch of ladies to teach 'all things crochet' to. There are 11 eager ladies registered for this batch of 5 sessions, each 2 hours long. I'm so lucky that I always have a lovely bunch of ladies, who are pleasant and often quite funny, which makes it even more enjoyable. I love to teach and pass my skills on to others and I love to see everyone feeling so proud of themselves for creating something with their own hands. Tonight I first chatted about the basics of crochet and I taught how to hold the hook and yarn, make chains, double crochet, double crochet in back loops, changing colour and working in stripes and treble crochet; all in the space of 2 hours. There were so many neat stitches, lovingly created. Everyone is looking forward to using these skills next week to make a flower.

I feel grateful that I can earn a living doing the things I enjoy and I'm delighted to be in my fifth year of teaching. I've met so many good friends along the way which is such an added bonus.

I hope you've had a productive and enjoyable day too.
See you tomorrow,

15th and 16th January - Two more days in One

I skipped another day yesterday - not to worry - shall we just sweep that under the carpet and pretend it didn't happen?

It's back to work today and I pleased to say that I didn't work much over the weekend (yay - success!!) although I did make a small start on my tax return and one half is now complete. I was impressed with my online banking as I was able to extract my information into an excel spreadsheet, which took all of about 10 minutes to sort and organise.  I worked in an accountancy firm for 10 years when I first left school, so these skills are coming in very handy for my annual tax returns. I'm a dab hand at profit and loss accounts, so fortunately it doesn't take me very long. My goal for this week is to complete my expenses then I can submit my return.

Mr. R. and I have made good use of our NHS today - I had a mammogram first thing (I'm so very glad I don't have to travel in rush hour every day), then I had a GP's telephone appointment, whilst Mr. R. went for allergy tests and then to the dentist. We're all sorted now and grateful to the services we have access to. Our day would have cost a small fortune in other countries.

I had a few nice surprises today including a 'thank you' phone call from an elderly aunt. I haven't seen her for a while, so it was lovely to hear her and have a little catch up.  I also spotted an unexpected interview in Let's Get Crafting Magazine. The interview was originally published in their sister magazine Let's Knit and I was delighted to see it again. 

As well as health appointments, today has been busy work-wise, focussing on pattern checks and catching up with emails. Last week alone I must have had about 8 new contacts for work, ranging from teaching to tech editing, so my diary is now full for the next couple of months, which is great. I'm desperately trying to keep some time aside for my own ideas and developments, as I'm itching to get started on these, before someone beats me to it.

I'm patiently waiting to get started on using my gorgeous yarn from Petra at Made By Black Elephant. Once I've knitted up jumper sample I'll be able to dive straight in. I can't wait and I'd definitely recommend her yarn. It comes beautifully wrapped with added extras and it's a joy to unwrap. Also waiting patiently in the wings is Daughter of a Shepherd 4ply. I have a mini skein from the lovely Rachel and I can't wait to test knit with it - I have a design in mind using a technique that I haven't used a great deal before.

Have you started hooking up or knitting anything new lately? I'd love to hear.

See you tomorrow,

13th and 14th. Jan 2107 - Days 13 & 14

Here I am - I know I missed a day yesterday; sorry about that. To be totally honest, I'd had enough of looking at the computer by 5pm yesterday so I finished early, cooked a lovely roast dinner and just switched off, because I knew that I needed to. Then today we prepared the rooms that's being decorated next week - my son is so excited to be moving into the 'big' room. It's pink at the moment, soon to be grey and white. I have my eye on it for an office, but I will have to be patient .........

Tonight, I cooked a meat and potato pie with the left over meat from yesterday and it turned out well  - I'm really getting the hang of making gluten free pastry. Practise makes perfect, as they say.

This morning, I received some lovely post with issue 10 of Crochet Now Magazine and the free West Yorkshire Spinners supplement (which is amazing). There are lots of fantastic designs in both the magazine and the supplement and I can't believe it's almost one year old. My contributions this month are Daisy May's Valentine outfit, my column (crocheted hearts) and Lucky the Sheep. I also received a yarn box, which I've been looking forward to. It smells lovely and I can't wait to open it (I'm saving it for the moment).

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and thank you for visiting,
Lynne x

12th Jan 2017 - Day 12

Did you wonder whether my felting worked last night? Well in the end, yes it did - phew - and I didn't do the test run first, mainly because it was so late and also because I knew that if I was really careful with the felting I could stop at the right point in the process and avoid over-felting it. I ran a sink of really hot water and fully immersed my project, then agitated it gently at first (removing it a couple of times to check how it was looking), then eventually I kneaded it - just like Paul Hollywood kneads his bread. It was like a gym work-out. It didn't shrink down quite as much as I'd expected, but in a good way because it was the perfect size and the relief stitches were still visible. I lined it, added a zip (slight trauma but all ended OK) and posted it off to the magazine.

Tonight, it was nice to sit and knit plain old stocking stitch - rhythmic and relaxing, whilst watching a bit of TV. Another commission, this time a garment which I need to post on Tuesday. It's a summery top, so no sleeves which is a bonus. I just have some maths to work out tomorrow and finalise the pattern for the front.

Tonight's delights on the local buy and sell that made us giggle:
A pile of rusty Allen Keys for £10 - I kid you not!!! One reader must have thought the same and asked if there were any rusty nails to go with them. Hilarious.
Also a cushion for sale "brand new with tag" for £15. A close up of the tag reveals the original price of £7.99. Brilliant.

I hope you're all keeping well and thanks for continuing to read my daily blog posts.

See you tomorrow,

11th. Jan 2017 - Day 11

I'm still here....... I'm still standing, as Elton John once sang (although I'm not sure how because my head's in such a whizz with pattern checking). Tonight tonight I'm hoping to finish off a crochet commission that I need to felt (which I'm really nervous about!!!!). I think I will make a small motif with the small amount of leftover yarn to make sure it works as I've planned. I know that's the best approach although the naughty part of me wants to just bypass the checking stage and go for the full project (although I know that's not a wise move!). I'm crocheting with some gorgeous wool by New Lanark Mills which is 100% British wool (aran weight). The wool is manufactured in Scotland in a mill that has been used for spinning since the 1700s. Their website is really interesting and definitely worth a visit.

It's quite a rustic wool but it's definitely softer than similar wools I've used and it would make the cosiest aran jumper because it's really thick and warm (and it smells so sheepy). Believe it or not I've had this wool in my stash for about 4 years, which is such a shame because I love working with it. Imagine being stuck at the bottom of a drawer for 4 years waiting patiently to be picked!! My eyes did itch a teeny bit at first but as long as I washed my hands afterwards and didn't put my fingers near my eyes I was fine using it, which was a relief. Once I had to cover my face with a tea towel to finish a commission because of my allergies - not a good look I have to say.

I'll let you know how the felting goes...... fingers crossed I won't ruin all my hard work.

See you tomorrow, Lynne

10th Jan 2017 - Day 10

Laughter really is the best medicine - I can thoroughly recommend it.

I thought I heard my husband crying tonight. My heart was in my mouth as I rushed downstairs to see what was wrong. He was indeed crying - not because he was upset, but quite the contrary; he was crying with laughter - barely able to catch his breath. He does have a wicked sense of humour, which is good because it means we laugh a lot. Eventually, he was able to tell me what was so funny and I too ended up crying with laughter.

I can't really share, lest I offend. But it was good to laugh so much - we should do it more often.

Until tomorrow,
Lynne x

8th and 9th. Jan 2017 - Two Days in One

Hi guys - sorry I was AWOL yesterday. I feel like I've been away for ages - did I really only miss one day? Well, yesterday was ridiculously hectic. I needed to clean the house, make sure everything was ready for my son for today as it was his first day back at school. His grandma (my mum-in-law) came to stay with him (hence the cleaning) because Mr. R. and I were away for the night in Southampton. The main problem with all this was that I didn't finish my commission that needed to be posted today. My fault entirely as I was distracted on Saturday night by Mr Barlow et al. on 'Let it Shine', then by David Bowie ("The Last 5 Years") and finally by Tom Hardy in his new drama "Taboo" - all completely brilliant, but not conducive with trying to embroider onto stocking stitch and following a chart.

As a result, on Sunday I was up and down the stairs like a mad woman trying to finish the duplicate stitch on my commission, in between everything else. Epic fail at 6pm when we needed to leave for our 4 hour road trip and I hadn't finished sewing my commission together. Despite eye rolling from Mr. R. (understandably!!!!) I bagged up my glue gun, packaging materials, computer and other notions and took them with me. Fast forward to the A34 and I'm trying to mattress stitch in the dark, on a very bumpy road, feeling rather nauseous. Mr. R. posed the question "Is it worth it?" and reluctantly I had to admit that it probably wasn't. However, this prompted a discussion about my various skills and how I could apply them in a more productive and cost-effective way, and we came up with some great ideas that I'm going to develop and that don't involve quite as much time-consuming sample making (I'll reveal more when the first idea gets off the ground).

Moving on to today - we enjoyed a fantastic day with out daughter Izzy, who has now set sail around the world for 4 months with P&O Cruises, as Dance Captain of the Ship's dance crew. She's already been on the shop for about 7 weeks and will complete her contract in June - the suitcase in the photo was her shopping bag for the day, as she bought 4 months of "essential" toiletries in just a few hours - mostly make-up, hair dye, false nails, fake tan, although I'm pretty sure she has enough to last a lifetime.

Fingers crossed, next time we see her in April, we will be boarding the ship as passengers to visit the Norwegian Fjords and then I'm hoping to stay on for a further 10 days around the Mediterranean, which will be really exciting, plus we'll get to watch Izzy perform in the amazing shows.  I say fingers crossed because as friends and family we have to apply to be Izzy's guests and non-paying passengers are limited for each cruise - let's hope we get on :)

So now I'm back at home, feeling relieved that I did indeed finish my commission and posted it in Southampton. I'm now looking forward to a good night's sleep before starting again tomorrow.

I hope you all had a fab weekend.

See you tomorrow, Lynne x

7th. Jan 2017 - Day 7

We're already one week into the new year and I hope it's been a good start for you. I haven't really made any resolutions as yet, but there's still time and I want to make sure that mine are achievable and purposeful

I spent most of last week designing - 4 projects have gone off to be photographed and one final project needs to be finished tonight/tomorrow morning, ready for posting on Monday. 

I knitted and crocheted my way through 550g of yarn from acrylic to wool and all lovely to work with.  I use Rowan Pure Wool Worsted quite often in my commissions as it's 100% wool and beautifully soft. I also love working with Sublime Baby Cashmerino (I usually use the double knitting version), but I think my favourite from last week is the Drops Karisma. It's 100% wool, smells lovely and 'sheepy' and it's great value for money at just £2 per 50g. It's available in a great range of colours too. I bought mine at Wool Warehouse when they had a sale on, so it was even cheaper and an absolute bargain.

I hope you're having a great weekend.
Until tomorrow,

6th. Jan 2017 - Day 6

It's another day at the office (well in reality I'm still in my dressing gown and it's 2pm). I was up early doors as I had a job to finish first thing which was to complete the final checks on my next Search Press knitting book "Knit Yourself Calm" (you can have a sneaky peak here on amazon). It's such a lovely book and it was great to work with Betsan and learn all about knitting for therapy. I've been applying  many of the techniques to my own knitting and crochet and I can feel the benefits already. The book will be out later this year, but for now - yippee - it's finally gone off to production, after many (many) rounds of checking.

Now it's knitting for the rest of the day and evening as I have one more urgent design to complete. Despite being under pressure and knitting to a deadline, I'm really enjoying the knitting process today because my design is based on a simple stocking stitch base - just knit a row, purl a row and repeat. I love the simplicity of stocking stitch and the ability to enjoy the repetitive action, which is soothing and calming. It somehow reminds me of sitting on a beach and listening to the waves breaking on the shore, over and over again.

If you have a stressful job, you could take a portable project with you, find a quiet room, switch off at lunch time and knit for a while as it may help to re-charge the batteries for the afternoon.

I hope you have a productive day and a lovely weekend.

See you tomorrow,
Lynne x

5th, Jan 2017 - Day 5

What a glorious day it is. The sun is shining into The Woolnest and warming me up beautifully. Today we took down our Christmas decorations. I wasn't looking forward to it, but my husband is still on leave from work, so with the two of us working as a team, which is what we do best (and also how we met), it took half the time - although still a couple of hours. I carefully packed away my favourite vintage glass baubles from my childhood and was delighted this year to add some new glass baubles to my growing collection - gifts from thoughtful and generous friends.

I hadn't, however, allocated time for this particular activity today - it was all extra-curricular, so it has set me back a couple of hours with my schedule. I fear that I won't make it to knit group tonight, which is a shame as it's a lovely group, run by Fay at Knitit-Hookit-Craftit. Not to worry - there are still 25 more Woolgatherings this year, but only one deadline, which I must make as photography is all booked. Plus it's my own fault for getting behind over Christmas.

So I'm off to knit furiously and finish today's design job. I have a separate design to be posted to "Love to Knit and Crochet" magazine today, so I will enjoy the walk the post office in the sunshine. I squeezed in an extra pattern check early this morning, so I feel as though I'm getting back on track with that particular job (eight patterns checked and copy edited and eight to go).

See you tomorrow,

4th. Jan 2017 - Day 4

Well you'll be pleased to hear that I was up and ready at a more respectable 'working time' today, which was a good job really as I had a lot to do. I didn't really get into work mode until around 10.30ish as my son had arranged a day out with his friends and they started arriving from about 9.30am. I had a wistful moment as I realised how quickly the years are passing. Oliver is my youngest son and now at 15 he is more man than boy. He's not far off 6ft, so he towers over me - I'm officially now the smallest person in our house (as well as the oldest). I hadn't seen some of his friends for a while and they too are rather tall. It was funny to hear them chatting together like adults and nice to see that they've all grown into lovely young men. Off they went to the Water Park for the day, which they all seem to enjoy.

For me, it was a work day. I frogged a commission, despite being really behind schedule. It wasn't working how I'd planned, so I went back to the start and to my original idea (not sure why I didn't just go with this in the first place!!). As I really needed to finish it today I drew a template onto a piece of thick paper to get the dimensions and balance right, then I simply crocheted to the shape. It worked - yippee and I'm pleased with it. It's the first half of a commission, so tomorrow's job is to work up a knitted half and since my template process worked so well I will use it again for tomorrow's project. 

I also did a little tech editing and stitched together another project that needs posting tomorrow. To help me through the day I listened to 3 podcasts: Crafternoon Treats; Potter and Bloom and Shinybees. I can recommend them all and thank you ladies for making me smile.

I'm off to finish my sewing and draw a doggy template. I hope you're all having a good start to the new year and see you tomorrow - same time; same place,
Lynne x

3rd Jan 2017 - Day 3

After yesterday's late awakening, I decided to set my alarm, which woke me as planned. The problem was that I switched it off and immediate went back to sleep (why am I so tired????). Luckily I managed to force my reluctant body out of bed in time for my scheduled jog with my neighbour's daughter. We may not be the fastest joggers, but at least we try!!  To be honest, we did really well today and jogged more than we walked - plus - it was raining, and we still jogged. A big tick went against this entry on today's 'To Do' list.

I find that taking myself completely away from  my work, just for an hour, work wonders. It really helps to clear my mind and switch off , because when I'm jogging or at the gym I find that there's no room in my head for planning my work, or worrying about my loved ones, mainly because I'm concentrating on not falling off the treadmill; not dropping weights on to my head or not slipping over on the wet leaves - let's be honest at my age that could be disastrous!!!!. So far I've managed to avoid all three of these potential hazards.

It was  good to start the day feeling clam as it was my first official day back, so I had lots of emails to catch up with and lots to do. I met my first 3 deadlines today. My Simply Crochet tech edits were due in, I needed to submit some design ideas for consideration and also put together one full proposal, together with a sketch. It was all in my head, luckily so it didn't take me too long (although sketching isn't one of my best talents). Now I'm frantically crocheting some design samples that are due in at the end of the week. I'm not panicking (yet) and fingers crossed I'll get everything done in time.

I wonder how you clear your head in times of stress - do you read? knit? crochet? meditate? I'd love to hear about your favourite technique or one that works well for you.

I'm delighted that the talented knitwear design Jeanette Sloane is also joining in. I'm looking forward to reading both Jeanette and Louise's daily posts.

That's all for today and hope to see you at same time tomorrow.
Lynne x

2nd Jan 2017 - Day 2

I had great plans for today including getting up early (well earlier than I have been doing over the festive period). Things didn't start particularly well when I woke up and saw it was 11am!!!! But not to worry - it's a Bank Holiday in the UK afterall. I came to the conclusion that we must be quite exhausted as we keep sleeping in. I think I'll be setting my alarm for tomorrow, just to be on the safe side as it's back to work for me.

My main reason for getting up early was to finish off some tech editing work that has a deadline of the 3rd (tomorrow!!!). The good news was that I had completed some of the work between Christmas and the New Year, so I only had 2 more files to edit. I've almost finished them so my first deadline of 2017 will be met.

We also had another clear-out upstairs, preparing for the decorator.  My son is eager to move into his sister's larger bedroom, which makes sense as she's away at sea for most of the year. I love a good clear out and tidy up - I always feel quite refreshed and positive when everything is really tidy - plus we have some nice things to take to the local charity shop tomorrow.   

I hope you've had a good bank holiday too.
See you tomorrow,

1st Jan 2017 - Day 1

Well here we are at the start of another new year and I wonder what it has in store for me and my business. I have lots of regular design work to be getting along with, which is fantastic, and a lot more tech editing too, which I love. I hope that my local knitting and crochet courses will continue to be popular and that my blogging will continue to improve.

I have some great new ideas for 2017 which I will be planning for soon and implementing throughout the year, which is exciting. But I will need to remain focussed because this year I'm determined to create a better worklife balance - there's definitely more to life than just knitting and crochet (although I agree that they're both enjoyable and rewarding) and I need to make sure I find time to develop and plan my new ideas as well as getting back into my keep fit regime, which I let slide considerably during 2016.

That said, I've decided to join in with the 31 day challenge set by Louise Tilbrook, to do something new every day for the next 31 days (you can read Louise's daily blog posts here).

So my challenge is to blog every day. My posts will be short and sweet and more of a journal or diary entry, but fingers crossed I'll keep it up. I thought it best to keep these entries separate to my regular blogging as they are in a slightly different format.

It would be great if you could join in too and I'd love to hear how you get on.

See you tomorrow, Lynne x

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